About Us


It all started out as an email between friends. Like many we’d been running our own Instagram accounts for a while and we were struggling to get a decent number of followers. We stumbled on some tools and products that enabled us to grow our accounts much, much faster.

Like anything, a bit of success lead to a lot of motivation and we were soon testing, researching, adjusting, growing accounts. We were hobbyist photographers and videographers so having large accounts was fun, but we had no real financial incentive to do more with them. We did, however, have a lot of friends with small to medium sized businesses that could really use some modern, alternative marketing channels.

We started sharing what we’d learnt. Our friends were getting new customers in an exciting new way and getting a head start on the competition on Instagram, which was growing faster than any other social media platform.

We realised that most businesses were barely scratching the surface of what could be done on Instagram. We compiled what we’d learnt into a pretty long email and sent it to anyone who was asking us about Instagram. The email was good, but we knew we could do more to help businesses, and that not everyone would have the time to implement our strategies themselves.

The email turned into an ebook, sharing the very best of the advanced strategies we used. But we also systematised our process so that we could offer it as a done-for-you service. We now help businesses get similar results to us, but without all the effort we took to get there.


Our Mission


Yesgram’s mission is to help businesses quickly grow accounts to harness the full power of Instagram as a marketing channel.